Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Better late then never, maybe

Dear President Obama,

Your teleprompter delivered a good speech last night and you read it with conviction. You left many questions unanswered however. Now comes the test to see if you have the resolve to follow up with the words that you spoke. This message was long over due. We need to show the Wolrd that America has the fortitude to finish what it started. That we will not give in to terrorists even if we give them a much softer name and want to bestow Constitutional Rights upon them.

The left wing of your party, your core base, is not pleased with this message. Michael Moore has stated that your actions will make you a "War" President. Senator Baucus has stated that he will do everything in his power to see that this cannot be funded. This is the test of your Presidency however. You will be measeured not by failing to pass Health Care Reform and causing the greatest Nation Debt that any generation has ever seen, but by your ability to get out of the way and allow Our great men and women in uniform to preform their job duties and defend Our Nation.

While you campaigned in the center, we all know too well that when you speak off the cuff that you drift to the far left. You think that we should "spread" the wealth around a little and that entitlements should be given by the Constitution. However, this is your time to show that Politics are second to National Defense. This is your greatest opportunity to show that the lives of American Citizens and our saftey is your number one priority.

That being said, we the people will now return to our Domestic Contigency Celebration. Or as we still like to call it, Christmas.

God Bless,

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

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  1. Jason, I look forward to your posts. I have to agree with your assessment. I've been comparing Obama to Bill Clinton. I was NEVER a Clinton fan, but Obama isn't fit to walk in Bill's footsteps.