Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lying liars and their lies

Dear Democrats,

Well, it seems that once again instead of having a meaningful discussion as you always claim to desire, it has come to everyone's attention that you have not been entirely honest. We all know the mantra "Bush Lied" as we have seen it a million times by now, but it seems that you have your own "colorful" versions of truth. It now seems that not only have your politicians been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, but they are soliciting assistance where needed.

Town hall Meetings
You claim that the angry citizens at town hall meetings that oppose healthcare are all planted by the Republican Party. How about the cases where people who support healthcare reform are planted? Case: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's town hall meeting on health care in the Fifth Ward of Houston. The speaker identifies herself as a physician who does not live in Jackson Lee's district then continues to support healthcare reform from an "educated" perspective. However, her name does not appear in the database maintained by the Texas Medical Board, which licenses all doctors in Texas. Her name however does appear as a Grad Student at University of Houston and an intern for a non-profit. Mayer is listed as having a BA in Psychology/Sociology and expected to graduate with her masters in social work in 2010. She also was listed as under that name as a delegate in Texas for Barack Obama in April of 2008. At least have the plant use an alias like "Heywood Jablome".

The Blame Game
It seems that acts against you in protest are even done by your own people. It seems that the 2008 attack on a Denver Democratic Party Headquarters has been solved. It seems that the perpetrator was a former Democratic Volunteer. August 2009, the (Congressman John) Dingell operation grabbed a black guy, gave him a sign, "Obama is Hitler," had him parading around outside in front of television cameras, and then after the meeting he ditches the sign and is passing out Dingell information. I thought labor guys had restrictions on how many roles they could perform at one rally.

If you are going to use endorsements to lie, make sure that both parties are aware. President Obama "pimping" his Obamacare package said: "We have the AARP on board because they know this is a good deal for our seniors." Then about 60000 senior citizens quit AARP due to the group's support for a health care overhaul. So the AARP has to make a statement that while in support of overhauling the health care system, hasn’t endorsed any bill.

There has been a great precedence of lying set by your leadership and it seems that there is nothing that lying about that is off the table. Remember "I threw my medals on the White House lawn." "Ribbons are the same things as medals. I still have my medals." "I gave back, I can't remember, 6, 7, 8, 9 medals." "I'm proud of my medals." "I threw medals of two other veterans who could not attend the protest." Or, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Then we have the classics. "[I] had full intention of reporting it."

It has gone past the old joke, "How do you know a Democrat is lying?" "His lips are moving." The media has now stepped up it's assistance in defrauding the public. President Obama seems to have no end to the number of "Specials" that he will put on the television, radio, in the paper, or in the internet. You seem to believe that if you say something enough times then it is true.

Possibly you are just "truth intolerant". Maybe try spending some time outside in fresh air without your pollution masks would do some good. And if the pollution is bothering you, then put out the fire on the American Flag you are holding. Whatever the case may be, remember group therapy is not productive at William Ayers house.


Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Mr. President,

You have assembled a public relations team in an attempt to make sure that your message is heard on Health Care. You have even set-up an e-mail address where people can report their fellow Americans for giving "false" information about Health Care. Of all of the "misinformation" that is being spread why do you not hold yourself and your team accountable for telling the truth?

You have stated that this is "our" best opportunity to get health care reform passed. Why? Is it because the American public has a less favorable opinion of their current health care coverage than they do of yourself and Congress? If Americans are so unhappy with their current health care plan, then why do you keep stressing that if they like their current health care they can keep it? The real truth is that now you have power and the numbers and you are afraid that a Republican controlled Congress would make you a "Lame Duck". You know, but will not say, that this is the real motivation for pushing a bill through without anyone having the chance to read it.

"I have also pledged that health insurance reform will not add to our deficit over the next decade ... and I mean it." Really? Then how are you planning on paying for all of the additional converge? Are you and Congress going to take furlough days? How about all of the staffers? Maybe you can just quit hiring "Czars" and taking trips with your family. According to the Congressional Budget Office the Senate version of the healthcare legislation "would result in a net increase in federal deficits of about $1.0 trillion for fiscal years 2010 through 2019," While the House version would increase the deficit less, in part because of a massive $583 billion tax increase built into to the measure. How does this compare with what you repeatedly vowed "you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime." Maybe it will be a "hidden" tax so we will not notice it.

Death Panels
Both you and the media were quick to jump on Sarah Palin for her comment: "will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care." Maybe "Death Panel" was a harsh term, but how far is it from the truth? You yourself have said that you grandmother’s hip-replacement surgery during the final weeks of her life made him wonder whether expensive procedures for the terminally ill reflect a "sustainable model" for health care. Your comment was that "you just get into some very difficult moral issues when considering whether to give my grandmother, or everybody else’s aging grandparents or parents, a hip replacement when they’re terminally ill." How is that different that Palin's comment? Except when she made her comment all of the Democrats had their fingers in their ears going "la la la" at the top of their lungs.

Single Payer
In 2003 at the AFL-CIO Conference, you clearly stated "I Happen To Be A Proponent Of A Single-Payer Universal Healthcare Plan." 2004, the Associated Press reported the stance of all the candidates on universal health care. "Obama says he supports the idea of universal health care but does not think a single-payer government system is feasible. He says the government should be the health care provider of last resort for the uninsured." In 2006 you noted "single-payer as the hope of the left, while those on the right wanted a market-based approach." Oh no, not free market! 2007 the Chicago Tribune reported, "Obama has pledged that, if elected, all Americans would have health-care coverage by the end of his first term. He has said he is reluctant to switch to a 'single-payer' national health insurance system because of the difficulty in making a quick transition from the employer-based private system." July 1, 2009 you said in Annandale, Va "For us to transition completely from an employer-based system of private insurance to a single-payer system could be hugely disruptive, and my attitude has been that we should be able to find a way to create a uniquely American solution to this problem that controls costs but preserves the innovation that is introduced in part with a free-market system." Flip flop, flippie to the flippie, the flip, flip a flop, and you don't stop. Remember as you said "UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office that's always having problems." The Post Office is on track to lose a staggering $7 billion this year alone. How will a government-run health care plan manage taxpayer resources more efficiently?

Who will be covered
So now that we have determined that if you are ill it does not make sense to provide treatment. But abortion will be covered. I guess it's a kill-kill situation. But, let's look at who will be covered. The "rumor from the right is that you want to cover illegal immigrants under your Health Care plan. However, you have made it clear that is not true. On July 21, 2009 you said "First of all, I'd like to create a situation where we're dealing with illegal immigration, so that we don't have illegal immigrant. And we've got legal residents or citizens who are eligible for the plan. And I want a comprehensive immigration plan that creates a pathway to achieve that." So, the plan is not to cover illegal immigrants by making them legal? What about before you can achieve that? "The one exception that I think has to be discussed is how are we treating children." So, we're not going to cover illegal immigrants until they are legal by the wave of your magic wand, but we will cover their children who are illegal also? That sure is defending the border and keeping America strong.

Opposing Views
Opposition to your Health Care reform has not been received well. People with opposing views have been called Racists. It seems that your only debate occurs between people who already agree with you. Well, that is except for the planted questions in the town hall meetings. I suppose that you cannot afford to run in to another "Joe" the Plumber or actually say what you think. Remember a quote "I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration."

Like any other Liberal issue, you seem to think who ever speaks the loudest or a spot on National Prime Time television gets the final say. Remember, you won office but will have to answer to the public at the end of this term. You have a Democrat controlled House and Senate, but they will have to answer to the public in 2010. Oh and by the way, have you reported yourself to yet for all of your inaccurate statements?

Thank you for bringing Change,

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thirty-five minutes in to his newest infomercial and we have two of the best placed faked questions ever.

First question from a state representative and a senior citizen. He notes that he’s on Medicare, and he likes it. He asks if Republicans “refuse to participate in a reasonable way” then shouldn’t Democrats pass a bill without them?

Second question from a young student about how kids know what’s true, and points to the protest signs outside the school where the town hall is taking place. “The rumor that’s been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the House of Representatives voted for ‘Death Panels’ that will basically pull the plug on grandma because we decided it’s too expensive for her to live anymore. Somehow it’s gotten spun in to ‘Death Panels’–I am not in favor of that,” he quips.“In fairness, the underlying argument has to be addressed” which is if you make the system more efficient, care is rationed.

We all know that Obama ran in to "Joe" the Plumber once and will not make that mistake again, which is why he is in Portsmouth, N.H. in a controlled environment where, I am sure, they screened all of the questions and people asking them. Liberals only like to have a "fair" debate when the other side is not there.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to President Obama

I figured that a little late was appropriate as you he never release anything on schedule. How are the Budget Numbers looking anyways? Maybe if you report them using the metric system you can make them look smaller.

It is good to see that the stress' of office allow for some down time. Things like "date night" and flying low over New York for a better view are good for a family and build strong bonds. Things like the Economy, Health Care, Budget, North Korea, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, the Auto Industry, and Jobs can all wait a day.

Last year you were out campaigning on your birthday. Your birthday kicked off "Energy Week" where you promised the creation of five million new green jobs. I suppose that is a little behind schedule also. You have the funding from devoting nearly $60 billion of the stimulus package to create a new green-based economy, so what's the hold up? Apparently according to the "Green Czar" no one can yet agree on what a green job actually is, or what the definition of "is" is.

All of that aside, we can take this time to put our differences away. We can take this time to reflect on your birth which gave us you as our President. Be it in Hawaii or where ever else it may have taken place. A White House Birthday is a special event and even though you were not the first President to have a birthday in the White House, you were the first President to have Congress declare where you were born.

I am glad that you got something nice for yourself for your Birthday. Bowling a 144 is a lot better than bowling 37, or something like that, back in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. I suppose that already had an Ipod and the top 25 out of the 2007 list of AFI's top 100 greatest movies of all time on Region 1 DVD.

So Mr. President when you closed your eyes and blew out the candles, what did you wish for? World Peace, Obamacare to pass the Senate this year, Biden to shut up, Republicans to go away, Fox News to stop reporting on your gaffs? Maybe you just took a moment to be thankful that you never ate any of Michelle's vegetables from the garden.

Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday and many more (just not many more of them in the White House).

Best wishes,

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help Wanted

Position Overview
Seeking individuals to identify and select future leaders for multi trillion dollar organization.Individuals applying should be detail oriented. Have the ability to find facts and share information.

Job Benefits
Pay is not allowed however outcome directly effects your wallet.

Previous experience preferred but not necessary. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

For more information contact:
Office of Voters Registration

Too Big to Fail

"Too Big to Fail" is the Obama Administration's excuse for taking over the private sector. The phrase has been broadly applied to refer to the government's policy to "bail out" corporations. Then replace the CEO, determine the new future of the corporation, eliminate jobs, and say that they are protecting our economy. With Congress and the President carelessly making decisions about the future of our Country, when do We the People decide that Our Government is Too Big to Fail? Let's see how our government is doing so far.

Economy - FAIL
We were warned about the stimulus bill that if it did not get passed then "unemployment could reach as high as 8 percent." Today the unemployment rate stands at about 9.5 percent. The good news is that estimates that over the next 2 years California will have 396,000 jobs created/saved due to the stimulus package. Which is it, created or saved? Compare that number to the 800,000 jobs lost in California already. The good news is that the result of the bad economy is that California's congressional delegation is unlikely to grow and could even lose a seat.

Foreign Policy - FAIL
President Obama is so committed to stopping the foreign threats of North Korea and Iran's nuclear programs that he preempted Hillary Clinton's scheduled foreign policy address with his own on health care. What else is there that we can do about foreign threats that we haven not already tried? We have already adopted tougher language, approved new and tougher sanctions, and we already apologized for the two journalists held by North Korea. Maybe Iran and North Korea will agree to stop their weapons programs in an unilateral disarmament treaty.

Environment - FAIL
After last year's headline that over 650 International Scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, dissenting with Man-Made Global Warming claims, Congress is fast at work on Cap-and-Trade. So, under a cap-and-trade system, government sets a cap on the total amount of carbon that can be emitted nationally. It then distributes or auctions off emissions allowances that total the cap. Does this also count all of the C02 being emitted by Congress while coming up with stupid ideas? So, out of all of the possible pollutants we are going to protect ourselves from Carbon dioxide, which we emit. I guess Nancy Pelosi was sick they day they discussed photosynthesis in school.

Healthcare - Desperately wanting to FAIL
Now that the economy is back on track and there are no foreign threats, the Obama administration is free to deal with their largest domestic socialization project, Public Healthcare. Should they succeed, tens of millions of Americans will potentially be joining a new public insurance program and the federal government will increasingly be involved in treatment decisions. So, not only will you have to wait longer at the doctor, the new Health Czar will decide if you get a rectal exam before Congress can pass any more laws.

Immigration Reform - FAIL to act
President Obama once said on the campaign trail, "We need immigration reform that will secure our borders." Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) unveiled the major components of comprehensive immigration reform legislation headed for a debate this fall. Senator Schumer takes the hard stance in his first principal that "Illegal immigration is wrong." Now that we are clear that Illegal Immigration is possibly illegal, how can we fix it? Senator Schumer states: "All illegal aliens present in the United States on the date of enactment of our bill must quickly register their presence with the United States Government, and submit to a rigorous process of converting to legal status and earning a path to citizenship" and future voters.

I suppose that being Too Big to Fail is different from being Too Big and Failing. However the Democrats are really trying to blur the line.

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

Multiple Media

What do Billy Mays , Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett have in common? The news would rather talk about them than the President, U.S. Congress, or Judge Sotomayor. They want you to stop and think, "Where was I when Elvis died?" not "Where was I when my Civil Liberties died?" for those of you paying more attention to pop culture than real life I have some breaking news for you. Bush is no longer President, stop blaming him. Unemployment is up, contrary to what the "news" reported Obama saying. North Korea wants to kill us. U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday the coup that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was illegal and would set a "terrible precedent" of transition by military force unless it was reversed.

Do not get me wrong -- President Oabma is not being under-covered in the news. We know that he has a new dog, not from the pound like he suggested. We know that he likes to go on dates with his wife that cost over one hundred thousand dollars at a time. We know that his Grandmother was a "typical white woman". We know what church he attends, or attended, even though he didn't know any of the sermons given by his pastor for 20 years. We know that he will allow five days of public comment before signing any bills, oops he did it again.

The U.S. House just passed the single largest tax increase in U.S. history. Congress wants the right to control anything that emits Carbon Dioxide, including but not limited to: , Coal, & Cows. Oh, did I mention that we emit Carbon Dioxide also? Or that trees and plants need it to live? It would seem that the 1,500 page bill passing (219-212) would be a little more worthy of mentioning. Now Al Gore can sell his "Carbon Off-Sets , " whatever that really is. I suppose that Obama is keeping his promise that "Energy Prices Will Skyrocket Under My Cap and Trade Plan"* Also, good job passing the "Official" apology for slavery. Let's see, slavery Officially ended when the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified by the states in 1865, the 14th Amendment provided for Civil Rights in 1868, the 15th Amendment banned racial restrictions on voting in 1870. So, everyone who was directly affected by conditions in the United States before this time period is dead! Let's move on already.

*November 3, 2008

This just in 'Transformers' tops global box office. Wait, falling for media distractions again. Well it made the headlines anyway

Let's make a new law. In order to be a Supreme Court Justice, you have to have less than 50% of your cases overturned by the Supreme Court. Attention Judge Sotomayor, discrimination is as discrimination does. You do not have to be a minority in the total global population to be discriminated against. Oh wait, there are more than 6.5 billion people and nearly 2/3 of them are Asians. I suppose the White fire fighters were minorities after all. The Equal Protection Clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, provides equal protection and does not make room for a "wise Latina woman" whom would judge better than white male.

So, you stick with the top headline on CNN "Jackson's mom gets guardianship of his kids" and I'll stick with "Target: Hawaii". Thanks Wall Street Journal for bringing news. Now go back to reading the complete coverage of Michael Jackson's death.

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

Congratulations Judge Sonia Sotomayor

For being the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice Nominee. Largely due to George W. Bush's possible candidates of Emilio Garza and Alberto Gonzales were threatened with filibuster by Harry Reid and the Democrats before they were actually nominated. Also, for possibly being the third female justice to server on the court. Harry Reid suggested that President Bush nominate Harriet Miers for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's position, but then Democrats threatened to block her nomination as well.

This was not the first time that your name has come up for consideration. In 2005, when Judge O'Connor announced retirement, RINOs Bill Frist and Arlen Specter along with Democrat leaders Harry Reid and Patrick Leahy presented President Bush with your name as one of their choice of "moderate" Hispanic federal judges that they could accept. However, National Review, a conservative magazine, suggested that you nomination from the Democrats was in bad faith because you were too liberal for a conservative president to seriously consider. I suppose next to President Obama's normal company, you are "moderate".

You have had a long experienced career as a judge. You have also had previous experience with the Supreme Court as you have had five decisions as an appellate judge go before the High Court. Granted, that three of them were overturned. However, you still have one more case decision headed to the High Court, but this one doesn't look like it will help your winning percentage.

Democrats are pushing for an accelerated timetable for you confirmation. This falls in line with President Obama's actual application of his promise of a five-day public review period after Congress passes a bill before he signs it. With everything that was hidden in the 1132-page Omnibus Bill, we have to wonder what surprises you hold in store for us.

Prior to your nomination President Obama pledged "I will seek someone who understands that justice isn’t about some abstract legal theory or footnote in a case book, it is also about how our laws affect the daily realities of people’s lives." This gave us insight to his standards for a nominee. Possibly leaving room for a justice who would prefer to legislate from the bench than interoperate the constitutionality of a law or court ruling.

Justice O'Connor has said "that a wise old man and wise old woman will reach the same conclusion in deciding cases." Your retort to her comment was "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life". I am not certain where heritage determines your duties.

In closing, it is with this letter of congratulations I will leave some parting words. I hope that when the time comes you use all of your wisdom and previous experiences when reviewing cases that come before you. Especially when the case is regarding Texas' Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment and any other state that wishes to affirm the Constitutional Limitations of the Federal Government.

Thank you for your service to OUR Country the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

A Thank you to President Obama

Mr. President,

You have given hope to the citizens of the United States as well as the world. With this historic election, you have shown that in America anything can be possible. Now that we have moved past the first 100 days, we can get a picture of your vision for our Country. We can see what you promised us in your message of change.

Thank you putting Immigration Reform on your to-do list. I understand with the current economical situation that securing our boarders and deporting Illegal Immigrants cannot be at the forefront of items to take care of, especially with unemployment increasing. Your proposed stance of bringing illegal immigrants into the legal system by recognizing that they violated the law, and imposing fines and other penalties to fit the offense will surely deter any future lawlessness. Besides with GM moving $1 billion in their government financial aid to their Brazil operations, maybe the illegal immigrants will follow. I am sure that when the time comes you will again call on advisors to break out in to focus groups and come up with solutions.

Thank you for your work on the job market. You said that the recovery plan will save or create about 3.5 million jobs. But I must inquire, how do you quantify which jobs were not lost? The National Unemployment Rate is now about 8.9%. 539,000 jobs were lost in April while 663,000 jobs were lost in March. But I must inquire, are you holding the big savings for November Sweeps?

Thank you for bringing a new light of focus on the National Debt. On the campaign trail, you said that President Bush was practicing "reckless" economic policies that are "mortgaging our children's future on a mountain of debt." Well, the deficit has changed. It Increased. In 2004, President Bush set a budget with a record $521 billion dollars in deficit. Your estimates for the 2010 budget call for nearly $1.2 trillion in new deficit. Which will actually be down from the CBO estimates of $1.8 trillion gap this year. Now, that's change we can not only believe in but that we can also see.

Thank you for working on foreign relations. You sought to bring a changed world view of United States. You have reached out to Nations that we have not been on the best of terms with to increase their perception of us. This has apparently already begun to work. Now countries like Iran and North Korea are no longer concerned about US involvement in their actions. In fact, Iran is sending warships in to international waters, while North Korea is testing their long range missiles. Without you, this would not have been possible.

Thank you for acting swiftly in your judgment. Jimmy Carter took a little over three years to create the image of the U.S. as a confused and soft power, you have managed to do that in your first 100 days. I understand the necessity to act urgently on important matters, a five day waiting period should only apply to handguns not to laws. After all, I am sure that you thoroughly review every bill and remove all pork before signing them. I am also sure that the American people can feel safe from special interest groups. On Jan. 1 there were 4,611 political action committees, 9 percent more than the 4,234 PACs a year earlier. But with your promise on reducing the role of lobbyists, we can rest assured that they will not be in the Halls of Congress trying to influence decisions since your lifting the ban on former registered lobbyists working in the administration.

However with your previous experience in community affairs, I am certain that we are headed in a direction. I look forward to long lines at the gas pump, doctors office, and unemployment office. I can tell my grandchildren about how there were 50 States until the "Great Unifier" came along and they separated.

Thank you for bringing Change,

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

An open letter to the youth regarding the 2008 Presidential election

Thank you for turning out to vote in your first Presidential Election. I am sure that many of you have never followed or been interested in politics before and chose this occasion to be your first experience. You probably voted against your parents thinking that your youth made you more aware of the new global environment than their years of experience in life.

Thank you for protecting the illegal combatants who are detained in Guantanamo Bay. Ensuring their Constitutional Rights IS more important than your right to live. Even though they waged a war against innocent unsuspecting civilians in the United States, they themselves have been mistreated. The inhumane torture that they were subjected to of being gently suspended on a blanket while having small amounts of water poured on their heads is far worse than crashing planes in to buildings in urban highly populated areas.

Thank you for giving Congress a Democratic Majority. Now they are free to pass legislation increasing the National Deficit by far more than it has ever been after they campaigned on a balanced budget and reducing the deficit. Nancy Pelosi is now free from any charges of perjury from only being informed about CIA interrogation practices rather than being briefed on them. Now we can move forward with prosecuting the former administration for keeping the Country safe from Made Caused Destruction by means of the Over-seas Contingency Operation. It is more important that Bush lied about the foreign intelligence that we received to get us involved for a war for oil than the Democrats telling any partial untruths about Our military harassing and murdering innocent civilians.

Thank you for helping keep our boarders open. For too long illegal immigrants have tried to dangerously cross our boarders and exist in our country without following the legal path to citizenship. Now all of those people can live without fear of being sent back to their country of origin and receive government assistance in the form of healthcare, childhood education, and food stamps to which they do not contribute.

Thank you for helping to reduce Carbon Dioxide levels. We should not be responsible for providing a resource to plants for their existence. The earth has never regulated itself in the past from occurrences like volcanic explosions until government came along to test the air quality. Maybe now we can find a way to tax the production of oxygen from the carbon offset farms.

Thank you for expanding healthcare. Now non-citizens have expanded healthcare coverage available to them at no cost. I suppose in this ever shrinking job market you all have already found steady employment to pay for the services that they are receiving. Businesses like hospitals should not be in the practice of making enough money to cover both their operating expenses and payroll when we have big government to decide who will receive healthcare, when, and to what extent.

Maybe now that all of the world's problems have been resolved we can focus on education. It is clear that in this country that we need reform. We not only need to be more competitive in the areas of math and science with the rest of the world, but it is now clear that we need reform in American History class as well.

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas