Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thirty-five minutes in to his newest infomercial and we have two of the best placed faked questions ever.


First question from a state representative and a senior citizen. He notes that he’s on Medicare, and he likes it. He asks if Republicans “refuse to participate in a reasonable way” then shouldn’t Democrats pass a bill without them?

Second question from a young student about how kids know what’s true, and points to the protest signs outside the school where the town hall is taking place. “The rumor that’s been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the House of Representatives voted for ‘Death Panels’ that will basically pull the plug on grandma because we decided it’s too expensive for her to live anymore. Somehow it’s gotten spun in to ‘Death Panels’–I am not in favor of that,” he quips.“In fairness, the underlying argument has to be addressed” which is if you make the system more efficient, care is rationed.

We all know that Obama ran in to "Joe" the Plumber once and will not make that mistake again, which is why he is in Portsmouth, N.H. in a controlled environment where, I am sure, they screened all of the questions and people asking them. Liberals only like to have a "fair" debate when the other side is not there.

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