Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too Big to Fail

"Too Big to Fail" is the Obama Administration's excuse for taking over the private sector. The phrase has been broadly applied to refer to the government's policy to "bail out" corporations. Then replace the CEO, determine the new future of the corporation, eliminate jobs, and say that they are protecting our economy. With Congress and the President carelessly making decisions about the future of our Country, when do We the People decide that Our Government is Too Big to Fail? Let's see how our government is doing so far.

Economy - FAIL
We were warned about the stimulus bill that if it did not get passed then "unemployment could reach as high as 8 percent." Today the unemployment rate stands at about 9.5 percent. The good news is that recovery.gov estimates that over the next 2 years California will have 396,000 jobs created/saved due to the stimulus package. Which is it, created or saved? Compare that number to the 800,000 jobs lost in California already. The good news is that the result of the bad economy is that California's congressional delegation is unlikely to grow and could even lose a seat.

Foreign Policy - FAIL
President Obama is so committed to stopping the foreign threats of North Korea and Iran's nuclear programs that he preempted Hillary Clinton's scheduled foreign policy address with his own on health care. What else is there that we can do about foreign threats that we haven not already tried? We have already adopted tougher language, approved new and tougher sanctions, and we already apologized for the two journalists held by North Korea. Maybe Iran and North Korea will agree to stop their weapons programs in an unilateral disarmament treaty.

Environment - FAIL
After last year's headline that over 650 International Scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, dissenting with Man-Made Global Warming claims, Congress is fast at work on Cap-and-Trade. So, under a cap-and-trade system, government sets a cap on the total amount of carbon that can be emitted nationally. It then distributes or auctions off emissions allowances that total the cap. Does this also count all of the C02 being emitted by Congress while coming up with stupid ideas? So, out of all of the possible pollutants we are going to protect ourselves from Carbon dioxide, which we emit. I guess Nancy Pelosi was sick they day they discussed photosynthesis in school.

Healthcare - Desperately wanting to FAIL
Now that the economy is back on track and there are no foreign threats, the Obama administration is free to deal with their largest domestic socialization project, Public Healthcare. Should they succeed, tens of millions of Americans will potentially be joining a new public insurance program and the federal government will increasingly be involved in treatment decisions. So, not only will you have to wait longer at the doctor, the new Health Czar will decide if you get a rectal exam before Congress can pass any more laws.

Immigration Reform - FAIL to act
President Obama once said on the campaign trail, "We need immigration reform that will secure our borders." Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) unveiled the major components of comprehensive immigration reform legislation headed for a debate this fall. Senator Schumer takes the hard stance in his first principal that "Illegal immigration is wrong." Now that we are clear that Illegal Immigration is possibly illegal, how can we fix it? Senator Schumer states: "All illegal aliens present in the United States on the date of enactment of our bill must quickly register their presence with the United States Government, and submit to a rigorous process of converting to legal status and earning a path to citizenship" and future voters.

I suppose that being Too Big to Fail is different from being Too Big and Failing. However the Democrats are really trying to blur the line.

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

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