Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A teachable moment by President Jimmy Carter

Dear President Jimmy Carter,

Thank you for your words of wisdom and attempt to bring the country together. It takes a powerful message by a strong leader to unite a Nation. In this time of unrest, we all appreciate being called names while having disagreements on fundamental idea and values. Your words of wisdom should defiantly bring an end to the discussion. Now we see that it is Conservatives who are all in the wrong for wanting racist things like lower taxes, reduced Government spending, and freedom.

While you are working on bringing the Nation back together by easing racial tension, be sure to mention to President Obama about the incident on a Belleville West High School Bus. We have the opportunity for a teachable moment here. It seems that a white student being beaten by a black student while other black students cheer is not a hate crime. The real lesson here is that white students should not try to sit down on a bus. Maybe you can suggest to President Obama, who has been silent on the issue, to host a Root Beer Summit. He can offer the boys A&W or IBC, while I am sure he will opt for a light Root Beer.

Possibly you could talk more about the teachable issue that happened in Congress with Representative Joe Wilson. It is important that we as a Nation understand that if you disagree with a half-black man it is because we are racists. No other President in history has ever had a member of Congress disagree with them openly. It could not be because we think that the Country is headed in the wrong direction, don't want the Government to control Health Care, or that the President lied.

Another teachable moment could come from the VMA incident. I am sure that Kanye West was not sincere in his outburst about Taylor Swift. After all Kanye has always been a fine outstanding young man who has never been outspoken or divisive in the past. Oh yeah, he really didn't mean it when he said that "President Bush does not care about Black people" either. I suppose the lesson here is that Taylor Swift was not the victim but Beyonce was because Kanye like her video better.

Your wisdom is world renowned. There are many Nations whom I am sure would send representatives to proclaim your peaceful ways. Countries with whom you have worked to build relations with like Iran , Palestine, and Lybia. I believe that Israel would also like to say a few words about you. I'm sure that comments of your defense of President's Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush are somewhere on-line, I just can't seem to find them now.

Thank you for pointing out our Racist ways,

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

I have my thermostat set on 72 in the Summer.

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  1. "72 in the Summer".... That's funny and nostalgic!