Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't touch my junk!

Dear Big Sis (AKA Janet Napolitano),

Congratulations on undoing any last stand that the Obama Administration had to any shred of holding on to after the last election cycle. The Democrats already lost in huge waves across the country on spending and Government Forced Health Care Deform. Now you have single handedly put an end to any hope that President Obama had of actually not being a one term President. Even Joe Biden did not wield that much authority with all of his shortcomings.

The TSA on your order is out of control and violating the Rights of the People from whom you derive Power. Unless you have forgotten the Constitution, We the People...not you the Federal Government. We are issuing a cease and desist order.

With your current actions the Federal Government is now the largest distributor of pornography. People have two choices, submit to a photo shoot or be sexually assaulted. Failure to submit to either of those actions will now be subject to prosecution. Prisoners have more rights that people who buy airline tickets. If a Sheriff tried to pull a stunt like this, yourself along with the NAACP, Rainbow Push, and every other Civic Left-Wing organization would be calling for this head. However, it is once again apparent that it is acceptable to violate one's rights as long as it comes from the Left.

Now you are making exceptions for Ms, while patting down Catholic Nuns. It is actually unbelievable that the Federal Government has become so "Politically Correct" that you will NOT search those who DO seek to do us harm while actually violating the rights of the people whom you are sworn to protect. Padding down 3 year old children in airports. Now screeners sticking their hands down people's pants.

You who are not an elected official, however you represent those who entrusted you with your authority and reflect on him. You have shown through your actions that President Obama is so out of touch with reality, the American Public, and the United States Constitution.

Keep your hands off of me. Keep your hands off of my children. If you want to stop terroroists, then stop terrorists and stop terrorizing us.

Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

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