Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary Osama from Obama

Dear President Obama,

As an American Citizen, I am proud to see that your administration is dealing with matters of National Security in a timely manner. Your first year has not been easy. I understand that it has been quite difficult. No other President in American history has had to face challenges in their first year. But, now that the stimulus worked, health care is on it's way to being resolved, guns are off the streets in Chicago, the Olympics are coming, you can attend to the small matter of the war.

It seems that General McChrystal has unreasonable expectations. He expects for you to meet with him more than once a year to discuss military operations. I am glad to see that you explained that a new strategy to win the war must first be decided. No one can expect for you to have read his 66 page repot with all of the reading that you had to first do with the 451 page bailout, 1071 page stimulus, and multiple healthcare bills.

With public opinion gaining momentum for a troop surge, maybe we can get something done. Possibly as many as 50,000 Peace Corps, 4H, and Habitat for Humanity works could be sent in the next surge. We have the opportunity for a teachable moment.

Once you are done passing out white jackets for a photo-op with "doctors" for healthcare, maybe they can stay and put on camouflage jackets for the next picture. After all, with your busy schedule when was the last time you visited the Troops anyways?


Jason Sanborn
From the soon to be former State of Texas

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  1. Well done sir. You covered just about every event since your last post. Good one!